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Optimization of technology for patient benefit

Noble Multispecialty Hospital is all about a perfect healthcare delivery system that emphasizes proper coordination and consistency in flow of information. Some of the key differentiating factors include-

  • Offering the latest medical technology and treatment modalities
  • Ensuring best-in-class care through quality assurance and medical audits
  • Following established systems and procedures based upon evidence-based medicine and Indian standards of care
  • Offering the latest medical technology and treatment modalities


Optimization of expertise for patient benefit

Noble Multispecialty Hospital believes in creating a patient-friendly environment where uniform healthcare is delivered to patients, irrespective of their social status

  • Personal touch
  • Correct guidance and support
  • Transparency in billing
  • Choice of informed decision


Optimization of IT for patient benefit

Noble Multispecialty Hospital is the first to build and operate its own HMS Platform. The EHR will help in maintaining consistency in healthcare services across the patient's entire continuum of care. With EHR, Noble Multispecialty Hospital creates a reliable online support system that will ensure efficient and quality healthcare for the patients.

  • Access to Patient Portal with a unique ID and password.
  • Complete treatment status and information anytime, and from anywhere.
  • Access to online communities of patients with similar ailments for communication and support


Optimization of infrastructure for patient benefit

The best part of a patient's experience at Noble Multispecialty Hospital will be access to a complete spectrum of medical care under one roof. Patients will no longer have to travel from place to place for their care, allowing them to focus on healing..

The hospital has been designed to optimize patient flow within its departments, all for the convenience of our patients. All related OP service areas have been located within close proximity to each other to minimize the anxiety created by confusing layouts.

About Us
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Noble Multispecialty Hospital situated at Hoshangabad Road, Misrod, Bhopal, was established with a vision to raise the bar of Healthcare in Madhya Pradesh to the highest standards.

The hospital with 110 beds and ample Infrastructure spread over 62000 sq ft (seven floors) offers an entire spectrum of services through a seamless network and provides 'State of Art' evidence based healthcare with focus on personal attention, doctor accountability and choice of informed decisions.

The technology advantage is complemented by man power excellence that provides sophisticated and specialized medical care at affordable cost.

News & Updates
  • 15th Jul 2014

    Another feather in Noble’s cap with second successful Heart Failure Device Implant (COMBO, CRT-D) on a 45 yr old male with 20% Heart function (EF) and severe MITRAL REGURGITATION. Patient fully recovered and discharged.

  • 01st Jul 2014

    Happy Doctor’s Day! The willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support and the heart to care…yes, that’s the beauty of a Doctor—something we all know in our hearts but comes out aloud on an occasion like Doctor’s Day. Thank you for your commitment to healing and the difference you make in our community.

  • 01st Jul 2014

    Special Offers!!! Noble Cardiac Centre celebrates “Doctor’s Day’ with special offers. • Angiography – 50,000/- • Angioplasty – 40,000/- • Heart Surgeries a) Bypass - 80,000/- b) Valve – 80,000/- c) Congenital Defect – 50,000/- Offer valid till 30th July.

  • 22nd Dec 2013

    51 yr old male with massive hear attack and severe heart pump failure admitted. History of diabetes and previous attack six months ago. Stabilized with medicines and IABP (Balloon pump). Angiography reveals severe triple vessel disease. Successful bypass completed. Patient discharged in 10 days from date of emergency.

  • 21st Dec 2013

    First time in Madhya Pradesh a rare procedure involving implantation of Heart Failure Device with Defibrillator function to 50 yr old lady with severe pumping dysfunction and leakage of mitral valve. Patient fully recovered with incredible improvement.

  • 02nd Dec 2012

    Dr Prashant successfully completes 'Angioplasty' in just 60 mins, on a young patient complaining of chest pain which was diagnosed as Heart Attack . The patient is fully recovered and leading a normal life.

  • 29th Nov 2012

    With profound grief we regret to inform the death of our beloved Executive Director Mr Sanjay Kumar in a tragic road accident.

  • 29th Oct 2012

    16 bed Cardiac Centre equipped with the most advanced GE Optima Innova 2100 (with Stent Viz) along with DSA & Spin Angio Algorithm compatible with FFR & IVUS; (one of its kind in Madhya Pradesh) launched

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