Clinical Specialties


The Cardiac Centre is fully modular (walls impregnated with antibacterial compound), spread over 12000 sq ft (complete floor) with 16 beds dedicated for the purpose.

  • Services

    • GE Optima Innova 2100
    • High Dependency Unit
    • CTVS - ICU
    • Cardiac OT
    • CCU
    • TMT
    • ECHO
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    A dedicated fully modular Cardiac Operation Theatre with AHU & Laminar Air Flow compliments the Centre.

    With the most advanced GE Optima Innova 2100 (with Stent Viz) along with DSA & Spin Angio Algorithm compatible with FFR & IVUS; (one of its kind in Madhya Pradesh) the Centre embraces the latest technology to assure precision and patient safety

Critical Care

The Critical Care units at Noble Multispecialty Hospital integrate many specialties and diverse technologies, offering the possibility of survival to patients who are acutely and critically ill.

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    They are designed and managed based on the fact that methodical organisation of Critical Care services influences important overall outcome measures such as mortality, length of stay and infection rates.

    The Centre is run by some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the country

General Medicine

Our Department of General Medicineat Noble Multispecialty Hospital is fully equipped to treat all types of medical cases including critically ill patients.

  • Services

    • OPD
    • IPD
    • Curative Care
    • Preventive Care
    • Rehabilitative Care
    • Palliative care.
    • Pathology
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    We have facilities to admit patients in the high-tech Intensive Care Units with advanced monitoring facilities.

    We also have the support of Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratories which are able to perform the most advanced tests and a Radiology department for advanced radiological investigations including interventional radiology.


The department of Neurology at Noble Multispecialty Hospital is one of the finest in the country with State of the art equipment and years of experience backed by modern Intensive care units and efficient coordination between neuro surgical, medical, neuro radiological and others makes this possible.

  • Services

    • Dermatomal SEP
    • Sympathetic skin response
    • Electromyography
    • Repetitive nerve stimulation
    • Autonomic function tests
    • Polysomnography
  • Specialties

    The department is equipped to manage all neurological disorders for example: stroke, epilepsy, headache, coma, neuropathies, myopathies, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, myasthenia gravis etc

    The Centre is run by some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the country

Orthopedics & Trauma

Our full-fledged Orthopedics Department is one of the advanced units designed to cater to all types of muscular and skeletal injuries and is rated as the best among Accident and Trauma Care Units in the area.

  • Services

    • Knee Replacement
    • Total Hip Replacement
    • Articular Surface Replacement
    • Shoulder Replacement
    • Spinal surgery
    • Stabilization & Fusion Spinal Surgeries
    • Spinal De-compressioning
    • Arthroscopic Surgeries
  • Specialties

    We are equipped with ultra clean laminar flow theatres with HEPA filters fully equipped to perform total hip replacements, hip resurfacing, total knee replacements, unicompartmental knee replacement, ankle, shoulder & elbow replacements and small joint replacements of hands & feet. All arthroscopic procedures of knee, shoulder, hip and other small joints are conducted here

    The Centre is run by some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the country


Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, liver and pancreatico-biliary system in children and adults are the core objective of this unit.

  • Services

    • Diagnostic & Therapeutic UGI endoscopy
    • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Colonoscopy
    • Diagnostic & Therapeutic ERCP
    • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Enteroscopy
    • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Endosonography
    • Diagnostic Capsule Colonoscopy
    • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
    • Oesophageal & rectal manometry
  • Specialties

    The Center offers state of art endoscopic procedures for gastrointestinal bleed, gastrointestinal cancers, foreign body removal etc. The gastrointestinal surgeons manage major gastrointestinal surgical problems of the intestines, pancreas and hepatobiliary tract including cancers, many of them through minimal access surgery.

    Our comprehensive liver transplant care programme is well known for its highly successful Adult and Pediatric Liver Transplant programmes and cutting edge hepatobiliary procedures.

Nephrology & Urology

Our Nephrology & Dialysis Department Services Department integrates advanced equipment and medical expertise to provide care and treatments pertaining to general nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplants.

  • Services

    • Kidney Disorder Management
    • Kidney Surgeries & Procedures
    • Organ Support for systems affected by Kidney Disease
    • Kidney Biopsy
    • Dialysis
  • Specialties

    The aim of the department is to provide optimum and accurate treatment services to facilitate wellness to all the patients

    The Centre is run by some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the country


Our Oncology Division has comprehensive state-of-the-art facilities and a coordinated multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of patients suffering from cancer.

  • Services

    • Head and Neck Cancer
    • Oral Cancer
    • Lung Cancer
    • Breast Cancer
    • Cervical Cancer
    • Ovarian Cancer
    • Uterine Cancer
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Pancreatic Cancer
    • Colorectal Cancer
    • Stomach Cancer
    • Gall Bladder Cancer
    • Lymphoma Cancer
    • Leukemia Cancer
    • Brain Cancer
    • Bone Cancer
    • Esophageal Cancer
  • Specialties

    The motto of the team is to provide better treatment of cancer aiming at greater precision, faster treatment delivery, more flexible treatment scheduling and a higher level of patient comfort, all of these undoubtedly making the Center one of the most preferred in the city.

    The Center follows international cancer treatment protocols to offer a treatment that is holistic in approach. Our doctors and surgeons in this field aim to provide coordinated and holistic care that is focused on the complete needs of the patients.

Gastric & General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery aims at providing treatment for a whole range of complications. The department has proficient doctors and surgeons who are devoted to exclusive and comprehensive patient care. There is a round-the-clock trauma team to cope with all types of accident victims.

  • Services

    • ERCP
    • Colonoscopy
    • Oesophageal Dilations
    • Prosthesis Placement
    • Balloon Treatment
    • Extraction of Stone from CBD
    • CBD & Pancreatic Ducts
    • Sclerotherapy & Band Ligation
      of Varices
  • Specialties

    A surgeon and anesthetist are always present for emergency trauma management, supported by tertiary level intensive care facilities. There is provision for Laparoscopic surgery for hernia and endoscopic perforator vein surgery for varicose veins.

    The Department has achieved remarkable and consistent results in Cancer, Breast, Thyroid, Vascular, Trauma Surgery, Gastroenterology, Hepatoliliary (Liver, Gall Bladder, Bile Duct), Pancreas, Endocrine, Oncology, Pediatric, Bariatric and Basic Cosmetic Surgeries

Obstetrics & Gynecology

The department has a full fledged Obstetric set up including a fully equipped labour theatre, with fetal cardio tachometer, an operation theatre functioning round the clock, ICUs and CCUs for obstetric criticare, treating a large number of cases with post partum haemorrhage,disseminated intravascular coagulation, cortical venous thrombosis, Eciampasia, Post partum sepsis and HELLP syndrome and similar conditions...

  • Services

    • IUGR
    • Preterm
    • PPROM
    • Post dated pregnancy
    • Oligo & Polyhydroamnios
    • PIH
    • Multiple Pregnancy
    • Fetal Malformations
  • Specialties

    Laparoscopic services are also extended to patients requiring hysterectomy, ovarian cystectomy, tubal pregnancies, adhesiolysis and as a part of infertility work up especially endometriosis

    The Department has achieved remarkable and consistent results in Caner, Breast, Thyroid, Vascular, Trauma Surgery, Gastroenterology, Hepatoliliary (Liver, Gall Bladder, Bile Duct), Pancreas, Endocrine, Oncology, Pediatric, Bariatric and Basic Cosmetic Surgeries


The Department of Paediatrics is a one stop childcare center. We provide paediatric medical services, surgical services, and immunisation services to children upto 16 years of age.

  • Services

    • Head and Neck
    • Respiratory tract & Chest
    • Gastrointestinal tract
    • Genitourinary tract
    • Limbs
    • Spine
    • Pediatric Trauma
    • Intensive Care
  • Specialties

    We follow a holistic approach to treatment with our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric and Neonatal Emergency Critical Care Transport. Paediatric Surgical work includes management of all birth defects and diseases specific to children as well. Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery is the highlight of this institution.

    The services offered include general out-patient and in-patient care and pediatric surgical services for children of all age groups including new born care.


Our Interventional Radiology department offers a single window for all minimally invasive procedures (which have revolutionized medical treatment options) using image guidance.

  • Services

    • CT Coronary Angiogram
    • CT guided Biopsy
    • Virtual Colonoscopy Bronchoscopy
    • CT Perfusion studies
    • MR Angiogram
    • MR Mammogram
    • MR Spectroscopy and Perfusion Imaging
    • MRCP
    • Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  • Specialties

    The motto of the department is to keep patient’s interest as paramount and to provide personalized care round the clock. The department offers all types of Vascular and Non Vascular interventions and state of the art Digital Mammography, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy services, High Resolution Ultrasound & Colour Doppler services for breast, infertility and vascular disorders. The scope of the procedures is being expanded gradually to cover the entire gambit of interventions.

    The faculty includes highly experienced, skilled and distinguished and dedicated doctors supported by professional, patient friendly paramedical team.

ENT & Ophthalmology

Our ENT & Ophthalmology Centres are one of the few centers in India equipped to provide comprehensive care.

  • Services

    • Cataract
    • Cornea & External Diseases
    • Glaucoma
    • Low Vision
    • Orbit & Occuloplasty
    • Ocular Oncology Services
    • Paediatric Ophthalmology
    • Ear Surgery
    • Nose and Sinus Surgery
    • Throat / Larynx Surgery
    • Head and Neck Surgery
  • Specialities

    The Ophthalmology unit caters to all kinds of eye problems including pediatric eye disorders, retinal & corneal diseases and eye injuries and is equipped with state of the art technology to perform surgeries for refractive errors like phakic IOL implantation, Astigmatic totomy, lens exchange, cataract surgery and LASIK with precision.

    The Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) aims to provide comprehensive solutions to patients with ear, nose and throat problems. The department has highly qualified and experienced specialists, who provide treatment as per international standards.

Physiotherapy & Pain Management

At Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation our goal is to synthesize neurology, orthopaedic, cardiopulmonary and critical care facilities to take the patients on a path of quick recovery and health.

  • Services

    • Inpatient Rehabilitation
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    • Neuro-rehabilitation
    • Fitness and Health
    • Paediatric care
    • Geriatric Care
  • Specialties

    The Department strives to improve health, optimize functional performance and restore participation in life's activities with individuals who have disabling conditions and diseases. Our department provides both indoor and outdoor rehabilitation services

    The Centre is run by some of the most respected and experienced professionals in the country

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